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Please join us for our wedding celebration on October 14, 2017

Our Story

Welcome to our wedding website! We are so excited to spend our special day with you!

Just a little bit about the two of us....

Our relationship started back in 2011 when we met each other at Philadelphia University studying to be Physician Assistants... in anatomy class. Because school wasn't quite challenging enough, we decided that it was a perfect time to start a new relationship. From late night studying to.... early morning studying, we spent almost every waking hour together for 2 years! Although we were from separate parts of the country, we had a feeling that if we weren't sick of each other yet, maybe this was actually going somewhere!

Since graduation, we have been loving our lives living together outside of Washington, DC and practicing as surgical PAs. However, over the holidays we made the move from Bethesda back to Philadelphia and are so happy to be living near some family again! Moving and planning a wedding makes our lives pretty busy these days, but that is just the way we (Alison) like it. On top of moving, finding new jobs, and wedding planning, we recently went to Thailand! We figured if we love to eat, love to explore new places and love the beach... why not head to Southeast Asia for a few weeks between our jobs?! We (Alison) are always looking for the next big adventure life will bring. If good food, the vegas strip, tee times, or the beach are included in the itinerary....Bryan tags along.

One of our most recent traveling experiences over Memorial Day 2016 brought us to Sedona, Arizona. As if the scenery wasn't memorable enough, this city holds an extra special place in our hearts after Bryan proposed in a hot air balloon during sunrise! The Arizona desert holds so much beauty in addition to a variety of activities such as hiking, golfing and top of the line shopping and dining! We couldn't pass up saying "I Do" in this fabulous location. We hope to see you in Scottsdale in October 2017